Effective is a portal which provides continuing education programs for psychologists, psychotherapist, doctors, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts.


The aim is the continuous improvement of professional skills to face clients/patients’ sufferings through a deep knowledge of psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapeutic techniques.


The detail of’s offer is given by mycropsychoanalysis.

Micropsychoanalysis is an evolution of Freudian’s psychoanalysis, characterized by an intensive method with long sessions, that helps focus your attention onto daily life psychic details in which gather suffer-generating conflicts and existential difficulties. The combination of intensity and length of the sessions, together with psychotherapeutic tools integrated in micropsychoanalytical technique, make this method particularly effective to solve disabling problems and to pursue a better psychophysical well-being.

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Training offer

The training offer is characterized by a process integrated by theoretical, technical, pragmatic elements, online and offline, that involve:

  • Thematic seminars,
  • Conferences
  • Practical workshops,
  • One-to-one and group supervisions,
  • Personal/training analysis
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Our experience confirms that the efficacy of this training relies also on continuous comparison among professionals from different orientations, cultures and nationalities. In that sense,’s programs are created in cooperation with different psychoanalytical associations, postgraduate schools, and national and international universities.

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The teachers

The teachers of are all training-certified specialists.

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Scientific committee

The training offer is coordinated by a scientific committee that guarantees a continuous update of the method.

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